As long as I don’t have anything original to write, why not have an Engrish post again?

Let’s start with some Burmese signage: toilet for foreigner and usual person I’m not sure whether I’d rather be in the “usual” or the unusual category. If I had a choice that is.

high class toilet FOC gentle foreigners.

nuclear catastrophe overcome pagoda I literally have no idea what this is, although not unexcpectedly the sign is quite famous

addvertising In Sri Lanka: add your add, we write it write.

beuaty Just beuatiful.

love in laos I’m sure these Korean students at Vientiane airport want to say something like “I ❤️ Laos”, but it comes across more like a dating trip.

no sit down If you ever need to demonstrate the significance of commas …

paridise I assume “paridise” is a lovely birthplace? Good that someone took it upon themselves to correct the spelling though.

re pail shep One mighty slack cruiser you have there.

Back to our beloved Chinese made products:

absorb wall Almost an apt description.

am yakuza Today’s output of the Random Soccer Player Name Generator.

bar respect is mueaqy I never knew what bar respect is. TIL.

building blocks of registering Hah! Your Blade of Darkness and Cloak of Hiding are no match for my Blocks of Registering!

color baby You mean my baby should become a racist, right?

ersurenstlater vest I didn’t know they still made ersurenstlater vests in the US.

house circles the bead When you’re 3+ you should get what’s circling what here.

i health new espousing Espousing the way of lift.

liminted ironman3mkvii What a coincidence to find this ulntra-nare liminted Iron Man on Vientiane’s night market!

mariboro Greetings from the maddyslexic hatter!

matingwadufs You’re mating with what?

mufti purpose suckers For sucking off all kinds of muftis.

ninja tortoises This is one of the rare cases where the knockoff is more technically correct than the original!

no use design Also, not to be used for the other use!

nobleness hard seat Someobody please explain to me why they don’t simply copy the signs instead of going to such lengths to come up with silly though occasionally perfectly spelled ones of their own.

notionol Notionol usually makes softie brokers, but they also dabble in the electrical installation business.

representative of fashion leading Everybody has heard of XX, right? It’s what literally all the women have these days.

rosting house Where the chicory comes home to rost.

selfie stick Edible selfie sticks! (for small values of edible)

strengthened the special curvature of fat burn Be careful, while the fat burn you might accidentally your g-spot!

the jorld is in my inind Is that what the kids are calling it these days?